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What You Can do to Keep your Dogs Safe During Fireworks

LISTEN: Pamela Logan gives tips on how to look after your dogs during fireworks

As the dark nights roll in and the cool air returns, fireworks are begging to return to Highland Perthshire. However, dog owners are worried their dogs are being disturbed by the sudden sounds.

While firework users can do a lot to help minimise the disturbance, dog owners can also take steps to make sure their pooch is as comfortable as they can be.

Pamela Logan helps to run a dog shelter with the dogs trust and she says: “I think it’s safe to say that it’s a good idea for people that have pets to be conscious that there might be fireworks starting anytime soon. And to think about making sure that the dog’s exercised and fed before it gets dark if possible, or as close to when it starts to get dark as they can.”

And there’s others things too, from Pamela’s experience running the dogs shelter she’s found that dogs can be kept happy during fireworks by keeping them occupied and suppressing the sound of the bangs.

She explained: “Make sure that your dog’s been for the toilet and things before fireworks are due to start, make sure that they’ve got somewhere quite safe and the house, that you stay with them where possible, that you give them some comfort if they look for reassurance from you.

“It’s always a good idea to keep your blinds and curtains closed, to make sure that the television and radio are on so that they can block out any noises and things that might be quite startling.

“And you can also provide them with things to do that occupy them, that they really enjoy when there are fireworks. So interactive for food dispensing toys are really useful if your dog will eat.

“Sometimes your dogs will be just be a bit too frightened to eat, so destruction boxes can be quite fun for dogs as well. So, you can place, on the floor, an old cardboard box with shredded paper and treats inside and the dog can occupy themselves trying to sort of forage for treats.”

Anyone who wants to use fireworks but is also concerned they might be worrying dogs too can also take simple steps to make it easier on them.

Pamela added: “It would be very neighbourly to let your neighbours know if you’re planning to use fireworks so that they can make arrangements for their pets or think about using the quieter types of fireworks as well. If you live in an area that’s very populated with dogs and other pets too.”

More advice can be found on: https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/help-advice/dog-care/fireworks

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