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Wild Camping Patrols to Resume in Highland Perthshire

Flora McInnes – Loch Rannoch Conservation Association Warden, Crew Commander James Black – Scottish Fire and Rescue , Lynsey Thomson -Now Where Campers, and Jeannie Grant – Forestry and Land Scotland Ranger

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in conjunction with Forestry and Land Scotland and the Loch Rannoch Conservation Association will be resuming their wild camping patrols at the end of the month.

The patrols aim to help reduce wildfires, littering and antisocial behaviour in the beautiful surroundings of Highland Perthshire while also raising awareness of water safety as the weather begins to improve.

In conjunction with Forestry and Land Scotland, Loch Rannoch Conservation Association and Now Where campers, the Scottish Fire and Rescue service have launched a new leaflet for this year, which gives more detailed information for safety in campervans, adding to the ones already in circulation for tents, caravans, water and wildfires.

The new leaflet including handy safety tips such as turning off all non-essential electrics before going to bed and making sure that the doors are easy to open in a fire or making sure that keys are available for use in an emergency.

It also features more specific information for driving, using gas cylinders, campfires and barbecues and how to make sure you are not at risk of C02 poisoning.

The existing tent leaflets contains information’s that tackles tent, barbecue and site safety informing people that a fire can destroy a tent in less that 60 seconds, and reminding people to cook a safe distance from their tents and to never leave barbecues unattended.

All outdoor safety leaflets from the Scottish and Fire Rescue Service can be found at https://www.firescotland.gov.uk/your-safety/safety-leaflets/ with the new campervan one shown below.

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