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Yard Sale for Pitlochry’s Food Bank Open Today

The Atholl Centre is holding a ‘yard sale’ to help raise money for the food bank in Pitlochry today.

Over the course of the pandemic, the food bank has been keeping the tables of many family homes across the area full.

Lisa Zaczek, who helps run the food bank, said: “The Atholl centre in Pitlochry is having a yard sale. We’ll be selling lots of bits and bobs outside, and it’s going to be a lovely day. We’re doing this to raise money for the food bank, for the people of Pitlochry and surrounding areas. So it’d be lovely to see you there it’ll be a nice day.”

The food bank has been running for a number of years now, however, the team say that they’ve been much busier because of the pandemic.

Ian Walker, director of the Atholl Centre, said: “Now, because of this pandemic, we’re possibly feeding about eighty people a week through the foodbank. We have volunteers in helping out doing that.”

The sale starts at the centre at 11 am and finishes at 3 pm.

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