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Yellow Snow Warning Issued in Highland Perthshire

Hundreds evacuated from homes overnight as Storm Christoph causes flooding

The Met Office is issuing a yellow weather warning across Highland Perthshire as temperatures stay low throughout the week.

Some places as high as 200m can expect to see between 10-20mm of snow, with some remote Highland reaching up to 40mm in uninhabited hills and mountains.

A spokesperson said: “We are at the beginning of what we feel might be a particularly tricky spell of weather. Through the next couple of days we’ll see further spells of hill snow over much of Scotland, which will be heavy at times and lead to some large accumulations in places over northern Scotland.

“After this system sinks away to the south on Friday, cold air is expected to follow in behind it, with snow showers to all levels at times for eastern and central areas over the weekend. We’re a long way ahead in forecasting terms now, but it’s looking like cold weather this will persist until at least the middle part of the following week, though snow amounts at this range are uncertain.”

While people across Scotland should only leave for essential purposes, locals should be cautious on the roads and consider the necessity of their journeys.

More information on the upcoming weather can be found on: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/

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