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Young Carers Festival Returns After Covid

The Scottish Young Carers festival returns to Fife this year after a break of two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic and will run from the 2nd to the 4th of August.

The festival, which is hosted by Carers Trust Scotland, gives carers between the ages of 12 and 17 a much-deserved break from their usual caring duties and allows them to meet other young carers from across the country. The festival allows them to discuss how caring affects them as well as have their voices heard about what changes could be made to help them.

Minister for Mental Wellbeing and Social Care, Kevin Stewart MSP said: “Young carers make a vitally important contribution to our society. However, I know that, because of their responsibilities, they haven’t got the same amount of free time and opportunities as their peers. That’s why it is great to see the Festival taking place in person again this year.

I and the Cabinet Secretary for Education are looking forward to meeting young carers at the Festival. I hope they enjoy the break and spending time with young carers from other areas. For those that won’t be able to attend in person I know that there will also be online activities.

This year we have seen increased investment in short breaks for carers of all ages, put forward legislation to give carers a right to breaks and expanded the Young Scot package of discounts and benefits for young carers. I hope that all this and our continued commitment to support and fund the Festival as well as the development of a National Carers Strategy during 2022 is clear sign of our continued support to young carers going forward.”

The Covid-19 pandemic was a difficult time for everyone not least young carers in Scotland. A survey released by Carers Trust Scotland found that 54% of young carers in Scotland say that the amount of time they have spent caring has increased in the last year. 52% say they feel less connected to others now and 22% said that they don’t get to take a break from caring. These findings highlight just how important it is for this festival to take place.

The Director for Scotland & Northern Ireland at Carers Trust Scotland, Louise Morgan, said: “We are delighted to host the fifteenth Scottish Young Carers Festival, which is particularly important in 2022 as it offers young carers support and respite from their caring role after what has been a stressful past few years for many young carers. The Festival crucially provides a national platform to promote understanding of what young carers do; it raises awareness of young carers’ rights and is an excellent opportunity for young carers to have fun, feel recognised, valued and heard.”

For young carers in Scotland who would like to attend the festival but are unable to, online events will be available to allow them to partake.

For more information on the festival vist https://carers.org/scottish-young-carers-festival/scottish-young-carers-festival

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