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Young Ospreys Ringed to Help Track Future Movements

The two surviving osprey chicks at the Loch of the Lowes Wildlife Reserve in Highland Perthshire have been ringed so that conservationists can track and monitor them once they leave the nest.

A highly experienced and trained bird ringer took just a few minutes to place large blue Darvic rings around the birds’ left lower legs on Monday evening. The oldest of the chicks has been ringed LP8 and the youngest has been ringed LR0.

Perthshire Ranger Sara Rasmussen said: “Ringing the chicks will help us know more about their lives after they leave the reserve at the end of summer. They are close to their full adult size, and it shouldn’t be long until they take flight and leave the nest for the first time. 

“The work we do here at Lowes to help ensure the nest is safe from disturbance is just the start of the story. Our hope is that these young birds will return in the future and eventually form breeding pairs, helping to contribute to the recovery of ospreys around the UK.”

These rings will help observers identify the birds from a safe distance and see that they have originated from nests in Scotland.  It has not been possible to confidently determine the sex of either chick.

As well as the pairing and birth of three chicks at Loch of the Lowes by LM12 and NC02 PT4, a female osprey which was born at Loch of the Lowes in 2019, has paired up with a male at the Kielder Osprey project in Northumberland.

This pairing came too late for the osprey to lay eggs, but hopes are high for future seasons. 

You can view the live nest camera at the Loch of the Lowes below.

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