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Young People Develop their Skills with the Coffee Academy

LISTEN: Jamie Grant explains how the Coffee Academy helps give young people the chance to develop their skills

Pupils at Breadalbane Academy have been given an opportunity to gain some work experience and learn the tricks of the trade from the speciality baristas at Glen Lyon Coffee Roasters.

The students will not only get on the job training and experience but also two qualifications that can be used when it comes to applying for their first jobs.

Director of Glen Lyon Coffee Roasters, Jamie Grant:

“We’ve been working quite closely with Breadalbane Academy in Aberfeldy just trying to support the kids with talks getting them into the roastery trying to introduce in the world of coffee and also ultimately encourage them into the hospitality industries.

“There’s obviously real demand in this area for top baristas and cafes locally, and these are great skills that they can take into further studies or when they’re travelling, as well as good sort of customer service soft skills as well.

“What we’re doing really is trying to give them certified qualifications, so it’s really to give them something really practical that they can take to their first employers.

“We’re working mainly with school leaving age so 15 or 16 so they’re starting to look out and look for their first job.

 “We’re giving them two qualification one is an introduction to coffee, and the other is what’s called barista skills, and they’re both accredited by the speciality Coffee Association, which is actually internationally recognised and is really recognised by cafes, all around the world.

“It’s not just about qualifications, we’re also giving them a three-month mentoring programme. So this really includes practical skills and then follow on experience in a real Cafe environment with partner cafes.

The new recruits were understandably ‘quite quiet’ initially says Jamie but have no really found their confidence and are excited to get going with some on the job experience.

Jamie added:

“The last couple of weeks they’ve done all the mainly online training in school with a fully accredited teacher, and they’ve also been down to the roastery for a lot of practical kind of hands-on training around this particularly around espresso machines, and then they’re coming back to basically help us run our pop-up Cafe on Fridays so that will be very much front coalface meeting customers making coffees and really getting stuck in.

“We’ve got our first cohort of students just passing through the programme now, they’re all from the Breadalbane Academy.

“For the spring next year we’re going to be recruiting young people from the wider community as well. So take part in this programme, and we’re really hoping that anyone out there who’s interested will sign up and get involved.”

 To learn more or to apply to join in the next batch of budding baristas, please visit: https://www.glenlyoncoffee.co.uk/

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