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Your Stories Wanted for Saint Johnstone Theatre Show

Perth Theatre and Concert Hall are looking for the input of football fans from across Perthshire for their new show Oh When the Saints. They are looking for your stories of Saint Johnstone Football club and wanting to recruit a community cast to appear in the finished show.

Katie Mitchell the Outreach Producer for the theatre and concert hall, explains what the show Oh When the Saints is about, “we don’t really know what it’s about at the moment. We’re really up for anyone who’s a St. Johnstone fan, that has stories or memories about the club to basically inform what their story is going to be about and what the show is going to be about.”

“So far, we’ve had our first draft written by local playwright, Mark McCormack, and he’s implemented a few bits and pieces and different stories, like people taking their kids at like one day old to McDiarmid Park or their bus journey to the 2014 Scottish Cup final or even some stories during lockdown when they won both cups.”

“It’s just it’s really going to be a story about the fans and the community and what it means to the people of Perth and they you know they’ve had such a great success the last year, maybe not so much at the moment, but you know we can see how it goes?

And we just want to celebrate everything It is about the people of Perth, and we thought that this club was the best platform to do that. So yeah, it’s been a great project so far.”

Community Cast and Involvement

A huge part of the finished show is going to be a community cast, and Katie Mitchell tell us more about what the role this cast will play in the final show, “the key thing actually in the show is going to be a community cast, and, we’re on the lookout for people to be in the show if they’re football fans, or even if they’re just, performing enthusiasts that maybe have some sort of connexion to the club ,and they can come from far and wide, they don’t have to be Perth or Perthshire based they can be come from anywhere.”

“The biggest thing is that we are going to have a key group of fans that will be sitting on terracing on stage, and we will kind of react to everything that’s going on around. We’re really looking out for people who are interested in performing and it’s not performing too much, it’s just kind of like maybe doing a chant here and there of what it’s like at McDiarmid Park.”

Work with PKAVs Young Carers

During the second lockdown, Oh When the Saints engaged with and worked with PKAVS young careers to put together a short film inspired by football and St Johnstone.

Katie explains about the work they did with them during the lockdown, “we worked with PKAVs Young carers. We worked with people who were interested in football, and we created a film project around that so their films on our website and all of our social media platforms and we kind of looked at what football means to them as young people.”

“It was a great project for them to kind of have during lockdown because they were responsible for caring for people and especially with them being so young. It was great for them to have kind of have a rest bite and to be able to get their voice heard as well.”

For more information on how to send in your stories, join the community cast, to view the video produce by PKAVs Young Careers or to sign up for one of the free workshops visit, https://www.horsecross.co.uk/learning-and-engagement/saintees-on-stage

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