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Men’s Mental Health Week 2022 Encouraging People to Open Up

Men across the country are being encouraged to talk about their problems as part of Men’s Mental Health Week. 

The campaign runs until June 19th and aims to tackle common issues which affect around 1 in 8 men including anxiety, stress and depression.  

Heartland FM spoke with Breadalbane Men’s Shed – an organisation which runs woodworking activities and a space for people to chat about things they might be struggling with. 

Their chairman Phil Richards said: “It’s quite a neglected area [men’s mental health], men don’t tend to look after themselves as well as maybe ladies do.

“I think the more opportunities there are for guys to find out what there is available to them the better.”

The theme of this year’s campaign is ‘Time for your MOT’ which places an emphasis on being mindful of what’s going on with your mind and body. 

According to recent statistics, around 40% of men are unwilling to speak about their mental health with their friends or family. 

Mr Richards believes that by participating in activities, such as woodworking at the Men’s Shed, you are more likely to open up: “The whole ethos is that everybody is welcome and there’s no compulsion to do anything. 

“If you want to just have a cup of tea, that’s fine but if you want to chat that’s great. 

“When you’re engaged in an activity, once you get to know somebody and you’re in a company where you feel safe, it gives you the opportunity to start talking about things that might be worrying you. 

“Otherwise it’s a safe place to be, to be out of the house and maybe take your mind off things.”

Anyone who wishes to know more about Men’s Mental Health Week should visit https://www.healthassured.org/blog/men-s-health-week-2022/.

The best way to contact the Breadalbane Men’s Shed or get in contact with them is to visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/breadalbanemensshed.  

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