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Murdo Fraser Promises Job Creation if Elected

AUDIO: Murdo Fraser speaks about the proposals to create over 200,000 jobs, and what it means for Highland Perthshire.

Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate, Murdo Fraser, has highlighted manifesto proposals to create over 200,000 jobs and recruit 3,000 extra teachers for Scottish classrooms if elected.

This comes ahead of Thursdays Scottish Parliamentary election where Murdo Fraser stands as candidate in the Perthshire North Parliamentary constituency seat.

Mr Fraser said:

“The Scottish Conservative have ambitious and bold plans to deliver thousands of jobs in Mid Scotland and Fife as we rebuild our communities from the pandemic.

“All our focus should be on our recovery. Instead, the SNP want to put jobs and livelihoods at risk by holding another independence referendum during that recovery phase.

“We have a fully costed manifesto that has a whole host of economic proposals to help us rebuild communities in Mid Scotland and Fife. From Community Investment Deals, to accelerating major infrastructure projects and Job Security Councils, these can kickstart our economic recovery in the months ahead and help deliver full employment by 2025.

“Furthermore, we will deliver hundreds of extra teachers to reverse the cuts the SNP have imposed on our classrooms in Mid Scotland and Fife over their 14 years in charge.”

Further plans by the Scottish Conservatives include job security councils, £550 million for Community Investment Deals, unlimited demand-led apprenticeships and accelerating major infrastructure investment across Scotland.

The wide-ranging economic proposals are part of the Scottish Conservatives pledge to deliver full employment across Scotland by 2025.

Mr Fraser added:

“Voters in Mid Scotland and Fife have a stark choice on Thursday. Only a vote for the Scottish Conservatives on your peach party list vote can stop a SNP majority, stop their push for Indyref2 and get us 100% focused on rebuilding communities in Mid Scotland and Fife.”

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