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INTERVIEW: The Man Behind the Crisis Bunker Evacuating Afghans Airs on Heartland with The Week in Holyrood on Saturday

Speaking with Heartland Multimedia’s reporter Ramsay Beattie is Gerry McGurk as part of The Week in Holyrood’s special coverage of events unfolding in Afghanistan.

Mr McGurk, MBE, is the Scot born central belter HM Consul-General leading the race against time to evacuate people out of Afghanistan.

He explained: “The pace was relentless. It was exhausting but the boost we were getting from news that we’d got someone out was a powerful motivator to keep going.

“The flights out may have now stopped, but the efforts to secure safe passage for any British or eligible Afghans remaining in the country will not cease.”

Join our political editor Charles Fletcher, veteran reporter of Afghanistan, as he continues with his insight of current events this Saturday with the Week in Holyrood this Saturday at 10 am.

You can listen here on: https://www.heartland.scot/heartland-fm/schedule/

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