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Major incident declared after large fire hits Manchester warehouse

Major incident declared after large fire hits Manchester warehouse

Fire breaks out in a 3 storey warehouse in Manchester

A major incident has been declared after a large-scale fire broke out at a three-storey warehouse in Manchester.

Around 125 firefighters were sent to tackle the blaze in Holland Street, Denton, on Sunday afternoon.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) said the incident had caused a large plume of smoke which was affecting the M67 motorway and the local community.

Evacuation procedures were also in place locally, the GMFRS said.

It said the fire had originated in the warehouse building and had spread to adjoining units.

Some 25 fire appliances were at the scene, with firefighters deploying ground monitor jets to pump water on to the blaze as well as using three aerial appliances to tackle it from above.

The M67 motorway was closed between junctions one and two, with motorists urged to take extra care and residents reminded to keep their doors and windows closed.

Members of the public were also asked to avoid the area.

Photos shared on social media showed a large dark cloud of smoke rising into the sky above nearby homes, businesses and the motorway, with the plume also visible from some distance away.

GMFRS area manager Stewart Forshaw, who is in charge of the incident, said: “Around 125 firefighters are working incredibly hard to bring this incident under control.

“The first crews on scene were met with a well-developed fire and more support was quickly mobilised to deal with the blaze.

“The incident is causing a large smoke plume that is affecting the local community and can be seen across the county.

“I would ask those who are affected by the smoke to keep their doors and windows closed and to avoid the area.

“Smoke is also affecting the M67 motorway and it is closed between junctions one and two. If you are travelling, please take extra care.

“It is likely our firefighters will be here throughout the evening and into tomorrow as we continue to deal with this incident.”

Greater Manchester Police (GMP), who declared the major incident, said officers were called to reports of a large-scale fire at around 1.15pm.

Superintendent Natalie Dixon said: “We currently have an evacuation procedure in place to ensure all those in the vicinity of the fire are kept safe.

“All those required to evacuate will be contacted by police and we ask that no one leaves their house unless otherwise instructed.

“We are urging all those in the local area to keep their doors and windows closed to ensure they are better protected from any smoke inhalation.

“We are also asking the public to avoid the area where possible.”

Content provided by Radio NewsHub. Originally published on 2021-02-21 21:00:00.

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