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Openreach to create 5,000 new engineering jobs in 2021

Openreach to create 5,000 new engineering jobs in 2021

It is part of plans to deliver Full Fibre to 20 million homes

Communications giant Openreach is creating 5,000 new engineering jobs next year, saying it will help to continue improving service levels across its networks.

The move will also help to build and connect customers to its new future-proofed ultrafast Full Fibre broadband network.

The recruitment drive includes 2,500 full-time jobs in Openreach’s service and network build divisions, and an estimated 2,800 positions in its UK supply chain.

The company also announced a commitment to upgrade its 27,000 Openreach vehicles – the second largest commercial fleet in the UK – to electric by 2030.

Content provided by Radio NewsHub. Originally published on 2020-12-18 00:05:00.

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