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Parents with children absent from school without \’good reason\’ will face fines

Parents with children absent from school without \'good reason\' will face fines

The Government today announced that parents are to face fines , a maximum of two fines within a school year before taken to the next step

Parents of pupils who are absent from school without good reason will face fines.

The Government said today that this would end a “postcode lottery” over how councils tackle school absences.

In a consultation published on Friday, the Government proposes that registers of pupils be kept electronically, with the Education Secretary given central access to national register data, while local councils could access all attendance data for schools in their area.

Parents whose children have five days of unauthorised absence or lateness within one term, take holidays during term-time, or are out in public during the first five days of an exclusion will face a fixed penalty notice, the plans suggest.

A parent would face a maximum of two fines for each child within the school year, with prosecution considered as the next step if this limit were reached.

Content provided by Radio NewsHub. Originally published on 2022-06-17 16:25:00.

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