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We could discover life on new exoplanets within two years

We could discover life on new exoplanets within two years

That’s according to researchers from the University of Cambridge

Astronomers have discovered a new class of planets which could support life, greatly accelerating the search for life outside our Solar System.

In the search for life elsewhere, researchers have mostly looked for planets of a similar size, mass, temperature and atmospheric composition to Earth.

But University of Cambridge astronomers believe there may be more promising possibilities out there.

They have identified a new class of habitable exoplanets, dubbed Hycean planets: hot, ocean-covered planets with hydrogen-rich atmospheres, which are more numerous and observable than Earth-like planets.

According to the scientists, the findings could mean the discovery of biosignatures of life outside our Solar System is a real possibility within the next two or three years.

Content provided by Radio NewsHub. Originally published on 2021-08-26 10:50:00.

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