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Pitlochry & Moulin Community Support Group Autumn Events

tattie bogle scarecrow halloween
Image copyright Elliot Simpson: https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2087845

The Pitlochry and Moulin Community Support Group have planned a creative and fun way to celebrate the spooky season whilst still appreciating the local community and helping those in need.

This Saturday 16th October will see the Group hosting a stall at Pitlochry market where children can trade a tin for a Tumshie with the donated food going to the aid of the local food bank.

Also, at the stall are forms for the Tattie-Bogle trail in which attendees can walk down Atholl Road, admiring the handiwork of the businesses who are creating and naming their own tattie-bogles.

Judith Dingwall from the Pitlochry & Moulin Support group said:

“It was really inspired by the fact that the COP26 climate conference is happening in Glasgow.

“The support group and the climate café put some feelers out to probe what we could do in this area that would be great fun but also to relate to the part we could play as a community in addressing how we look after our surroundings.

“We live in a beautufl place here and we want to keep it and we want to look after it.

“We’re having a bit of fun with something called the Tattie-Bogle and Tumshie Autumn Festival in Pitlochry.

“Participating shops and businesses within Atholl Road are instructed to make a tattie-bogle for their window. It can be as simple or as complicated as they like.

“The thought is scarecrows when they were made were never made out of new things and therefore if businesses could reuse packaging or use their own products to make a fun figure for their window.

Tattie-bogle spotters can collect a form from the Pitlochry & Moulin Support Groups stall at Pitlochry Market this Saturday 16th October.

Whilst on the tattie-bogle trail, attendees will fill in the form of which tattie-bogle’s they have seen and perhaps even take a photo or two to share on the Pitlochry & Moulin Community Support Facebook page.

The great tattie-bogle build is not only limited to the businesses of Pitlochry, local people are also invited to use household items to create their own tattie-bogle or carve a tumshie and share a photo with the Pitlochry & Moulin Community Support Facebook page.

Judith Dingwall added:

“People in their own homes can make their own tattie-bogles. It’s a lovely activity to do with the children and display them in their windows or garden.

“We’re hoping people will send and post their photos so we can all have a bit of fun with it.”

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