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Printed Copies of the Pitlochry Community Action Plan Hit Doorsteps this Week

Following the feedback session in April, the Pitlochry Community Action Plan group put together and finalised the action plan, with printed copies of the plan landing on doorsteps in Pitlochry this week.

The action plan contains the six key topics raised by the community during the surveys and feedback sessions, with the priorities for each.

Community Connector for the Action Plan Charlie McCarthy speaking about the action plan said: “We’re trying to get people who are interested, particularly interested in one or more of these themes, to step forward, to champion driving the CAP through.”

The six themes in the Action Plan are:

  • Access to Services and Transport
  • Community and Recreation,
  • Town Enhancement and Traffic Management
  • Local Economy and Housing
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Arts, Culture and Events

If you are interested in getting involved with any of these steering groups you should email, pitlochrycap@gmail.com.

You can find all information about the CAP at www.heartland.scot/pitlochry-cap

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