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Raise Some Dough for Bone Cancer Awareness Week

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This week, 11-17 October 2021 marks Bone Cancer awareness week and see’s bone cancer charities reaching out to healthcare professionals to increase their awareness of the disease as well as members of the public to take to their kitchens and ‘Bake It for Bone Cancer’.

Tomorrow, Thursday 14th October the Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT) are holding a free educational session online for GP’s.

Friday 15th October offers the public a chance to get involved in raising awareness by baking for ‘Bake it for Bone Cancer Day’ with the week culminating in the 2021 Bone Cancer Conference of over 20 inspirational speakers.

Dr Zoe Davison, Head of Research, Information and Support at the Bone Cancer Research Trust, said:

“76% of primary bone cancer patients in the UK are misdiagnosed and 14% of all cases are in the head and jaw.

“During Bone Cancer Awareness Week, we’re educating dentists, dental healthcare professionals, GPs and medical students on the signs and symptoms of primary bone cancers and tumours of the head and jaw.

“11,370 dental practices and 18 dental schools in the UK will receive a free education pack this week, equipping them with the vital resources they need to help identify the signs and symptoms of primary bone cancers and tumours in the head and jaw.

“70% of patients with tumours in these sites seek medical attention from a dentist in the first instance, highlighting the important role dentists can play in identifying the symptoms of primary bone cancers and tumours.

“We’re also continuing to educate GPs to improve overall speed of diagnosis and improve outcomes for all patients.”

The charity is urging people to use the hashtag #BoneCancerAwareness on social media whether to share their stories or pictures of their baking on Friday.

For more information on Bone Cancer Awareness Week, please visit: https://www.bcrt.org.uk/awareness/bone-cancer-awareness-week-2021

You can get involved with the Bake It for Bone Cancer event or other fundraising efforts by visiting: https://www.bcrt.org.uk/get-involved/

Or Click Here to register for Saturdays Bone Cancer Conference: https://web-eur.cvent.com/event/df44cbbf-7197-441e-8088-fd8d6fb6ce68/summary

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