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Scottish Crannog Centre Plans £12m Development

The Scottish Crannog Centre are in the process of community consultations in advance of a £12 million project Dalerb on Loch Tay to build a new museum and visitor centre.

Rachel Backshall from the Scottish Crannog Centre said:

“We are consulting with the local community in an ongoing conversation. This will go right through the whole development and we are encouraging people to get in touch because we are here to listen, and we’re here to learn.

“We want this building and this new museum to be built with 1000 fingerprints and 1000 voices.”


“We want this building and this new museum and this new incredible place that celebrates Scotland’s pre-history to be built with 1000 fingerprints and 1000 voices involved in every moment of it and so the more people that get involved at any stage of this process, the better.

The Crannog Centre is a living museum that aims to educate and give understanding to the community on their history and heritage as well as allowing them to get involved and learn new skills.

In building the new museum, the facility will have increased capacity for multiple crannogs and for visitors to come along and actually learn how to build a crannog.

There are also plans to have an Iron Age village, four time the size of the existing one.

Rachel added:

“We will also have a much bigger museum that’s fit to hold our collections and the collections of other communities as well and also things like artists’ studios and workspaces that people can display artwork that we can use to bring the crafts of the Iron Age to life in the 21st century.

“Also, things like a woodsman’s yard so we have areas for workshop spaces or repairs to the crannog as well for actually working with the timbers and of course Café which I’m very excited about because I believe they may or may not sell ice cream.

The museum re-opened on 26th April, once again welcoming visitors.

Rachel continued:

“It’s fantastic to have people back on site and everybody’s so happy and we’re seeing new faces.

To get involved in the Community Consultation process, please email dalerb@crannog.co.uk

You can get in touch with The Scottish Crannog Centre by visiting www.crannog.co.uk or by phone at 01887 830583.

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