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Scottish Crannog Centre Up For Award

scottish crannog centre apprentices
Image courtesy of the Scottish Crannog Centre. Left to Right, apprentices William Kent, Daisy Charles, Isobelle Hanby, Georgia Holmes & Toby Sloan.

The Scottish Crannog Centre in Kenmore has been nominated for the Best Small Museum Project for its apprenticeship scheme – ‘dig the new braid.’

The programme has been running since last year and aims to provide young people in rural Scotland with work.

The centre has had a tough year – a fire destroyed their reconstructed crannog roundhouse – so the nomination feels even better than normal.

Assessor of the scheme Graham Liney said: “I think it’s fantastic. I know everyone’s gone through a tough time but I feel as though we’ve gone through an even tougher time than some.

“The award is for the apprenticeship scheme so that means it’s not just for the apprentices, it’s for the five of us who trained and assessed at the same time.

“This is a nomination for the whole of the crannog centre.”

The programme has helped to diversify the museum’s audience and ensure the centre continues to be rooted within the community.

Apprentice Will Riley said: “It’s been really good fun over the last year. We’re learning lots of useful skills – teamwork, leadership roles where we’ve been helping with events and we’ve gained a lot of confidence.

“On the first day we were all very quiet but within a couple of weeks we were giving tours to between 20 and 30 people.”

Apprentices are now in their second year and Mr Riley has confirmed they are working on new projects.

The award recognises the best work at museums across the UK with an annual turnover of less than £320 000.

The winners will be announced on Monday 8 November.

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