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Scottish Renewables Come to Pitlochry

Government ‘almost’ at point of no longer subsiding wind farms

Energy trade body Scottish Renewables will visit Pitlochry this weekend to conclude their nationwide roadshow in the lead up to COP26 and pay tribute to the contributions of Highland Perthshire towards renewable energy.

Scottish Renewables will hold a stall at Pitlochry Market this Saturday 16th October from 10am-3pm and invite all attendees to come along and learn about the areas contributions and pose any questions.

Scottish Renewables Policy Director Morag Wilson said:

“In the Heartland region, one of the really big renewable energy companies that you have there is SSE based in Perth and they are one of our biggest developers in the whole of Scotland

“About 53% of the renewable energy you have is on shore wind and about 31% is hydrogen and you’re host to about 10% of all the renewable energy projects in Scotland and with those onshore wind farms you’ve got across the whole of central Scottish region. It’s about £1.6 million a year of community benefit goes into your local communities from those wind farms that you are all hosting.

With COP26 happening in Glasgow this November, Scottish Renewables are keen to emphasise the role towns like Pitlochry and others around Highland Perthshire play in the scope of renewable energy and for those contributions to be recognised at COP26.

Morag added:

“What we wanted to do is to speak with the people of Scotland about how far we’ve come. A lot of people don’t realise that Scotland has decarbonized faster than any other G20 nation, so we really are leader in this. And it is the communities that we have around Scotland that have enabled this to happen.

“Pitlochry was one of the earliest movers, so that was where the renewable energy revolution in Scotland really started. With the hydro schemes that we have like the Tummel, which is still very much part of the local area and what happens up there.

“As we were saying SSE, that’s 10,000 staff that they are employing and they have a really rich history in the area and that Tummel scheme, which contains nine power stations and four dams that has an output of 225 megawatts, which is a really important part of our energy mix, which is why we wanted to come to Pitlochry and just help people understand this amazing contribution they are making to the energy of our country and to how we made our climate change obligations.” You can learn more about the work of Scottish Renewables by visiting their website at : https://www.scottishrenewables.com

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