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Take a Walk on The Nordic Side in Highland Perthshire

A Highland Perthshire owned business that started just as the COVID lockdown hit the country is now finding its feet and success in the area.

Nordic Walking Highland Perthshire offers training sessions in the sport as well as taking participants out to enjoy the scenery in the area.

Owner of Nordic Walking Highland Perthshire and Instructor, Eilidh Patterson, said:

“Nordic Walking is full body exercise that incorporates the technique of cross-country skiing and adapting some of that technique on to your normal walking techniques.

“We use specially designed poles and what that does is it brings in your upper body, into your normal walking routine  and by doing that what happens is you’re distributing the effort and the pressure through most of the joints in your body rather than putting all the strain on the lower half of your body.

“It’s a really good exercise for just making use of all your joints and your muscles 90% of your skeletal muscles apparently get used if you’re doing the Nordic Walking techniques so it’s just an outdoor exercise but the good thing about it is you can tailor it to suit yourself so it’s actually something that a wide range of people can do, and a wide range of people can get benefits from Nordic walking.

Nordic Walking was found to be an enhanced way of exercising in the 1930’s when competitive cross-country skiers in Finland used their poles for off season training when there was no snow.

They found this enhanced way of exercising provided them additional health benefits.

Nordic Walking then came to the UK with the first classes being taught in 2001.

Eilidh spoke of how she completed her instructor training for the sport just as the national lockdown started:

“I did the instructor training in March 2020 The weekend before we locked down, the big national lockdown so I unfortunately didn’t get my first aid certificate in time, so I spent the summer working. I had a few friends that were on furlough, so I use them as guinea pigs and how to teach the technique and everything like that, so I started running classes, just over a year ago, at the beginning of October.

“We’re just over a year into the business, which has been going really, really well so far.

This month will see two workshops on Saturday 23rd October and Friday 29th October.

Eilidh explained what goes on at the session and how attendees not only learn the techniques to take them forward but also meet new people and get to see the beautiful outdoors of Highland Perthshire.

Eilidh added:

“We’ve got two workshops this month, and they run from 10 o’clock to two o’clock, they’re very informal sort of session and what it does is it introduces the technique of Nordic walking to the participants.

“A lot of people think it’s just walking with poles, but we actually have a specific technique. The poles are always behind you. And so, we have to take it right back down to basics I have to see how you walk normally and then we build it up from there so we do that during the workshop, British Nordic Walking have a 10 step method of teaching people the techniques so we go through that.

“We spend the first hour and a half to two hours in the Memorial Park in Blair Atholl, and we go through the technique, and a couple of drills to help with learning the technique and things like that. And then we stop for a short break and then we actually head out for a walk. afterwards. And that just puts everything into practice, and just gets to see just a bit of a change of scenery, learning with this new technique, it also meeting new people and stuff as well, they’re pretty well attended, so it’s a good session.”

For those who can’t make the workshop dates or would prefer a one-to-one session, just get in touch with Eilidh via her website to arrange.

For more information or to book your place at one of this month’s workshops, please visit: www.nordicwalkinghighlandperthshire.com

Example videos and further information can also be found on www.nordicwalking.co.uk

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