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Tay Crossing Link Road progress should not be paused, says leader of P&K SNP Group

Councillor Grant Laing says the Tay Crossing Road Link should not be paused

Further to our story earlier in the week where Perthshire Chamber of Commerce were fearful of the Cross Tay Link Road project being under threat from Perth and Kinross local budget review this month. Leader of the SNP Group and Starthtay Councillor Gran Laing explain how this will be dealt with

Councillor Laing does not for see that any of the projects under consideration would be aborted, but may need consideration on how they will progress and does not get any feeling that there will be a pause on the Cross Tay Road Link. Although other projects may have to be re profiled with regards to finance or paused with the fluid nature of the Covid 19 pandemic . Although finances are tight all Councillors wish the best outcome for Perth and Kinross

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