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TFHP Unveils New Transport Link Between Towns and Villages

Announcing the plans on April 1, Transport for Highland Perthshire (TFHP) reveal their ambitions to connect the towns and villages across Highland Perthshire through a new network.

They’re making public their plans to develop three new underground railroad lines running beneath the feet of people living in Highland Perthshire.

Project sponsor, John Smith said: “We know just how much the community were pleading with us to get this project under the ground, if you’ll pardon the pun.

“Just yesterday we had no emails or letters from anyone, but someone did peer in our window to see what we’re all about. So, we thought, ‘there’s no better time to get digging than now.”

Sponsoring the project is the local radio station, Heartland FM, who’ve even had a train carriage named after them for their support.

The Graham Howie express sets off at six in the morning, just as his radio show starts, airing his programme from the carriage’s sound system. The only drawback with this carriage is when it gets started it never stops.

With estimates scratching up an approximated one hundred million pounds needed to complete the project, ticket prices come with their own mortgage plan per pass to help finance the costs for customers.

Now that digging is underway, locals can expect to ride the train in their wildest dreams once the service gets started.

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