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‘We Haven’t Got a Lot of Time Left’ Before Blythswood Collect Shoe Box Appeal in Highland Perthshire

LISTEN: Danny Muschate explains how to find your nearest donation centre for this year’s shoe box appeal

Donations for this year’s shoe box appeal are coming to a close soon, ending on October 30 in Perthshire’s Highland region.

Pitlochry’s Atholl Centre is responsible for accepting donations for this year’s Shoe Box appeal, but if that’s too soon, the Perth Baptist Church will be taking in donations until November 7.

Danny Muschate, the head of fundraising and marketing for Blythswood care, said: “We haven’t got a lot of time left, for example in Pitlochry the Atholl Christian Centre is the drop off point and everything needs to be done by next Friday.

“There’s also Perth Baptist Church, and all these info is on our website under schedule.

“At each of the places where people can drop off it’s all quite secure, and you can just go up and place your item, or your box, if it’s just standing there; so that’s all quite safe, there doesn’t need to be any contact with anybody.”

Although the campaign is called ‘the Shoe Box Appeal’, this year draw string bags can be donated for people who are having difficulty trying to find a bag.

‘Anything that can go in a shoe box is welcome’ says Mr Muschate, toys, shaving foam or knitting or ‘anything you want’ will then be put into boxes.

Financial donations can be made too to help with the cost of sending shoe boxes across the world to the people who need this help the most.

Even with COVID acting as a concnern for many, safety is not an issue which will be stopping the appeal this year as Mr Muschate explains.

He said: “Just say for example, you filled one on Tuesday, you dropped it at the Atholl Centre on Friday, it’s just sitting in a cage and then it’s going to sit in a carton.

“Even when it leaves the UK, it’s four or five days before it gets to the country, so it’s sitting in plenty of time not doing anything or being touched anyway.

“Because every box goes into a carton that’s sealed, and once that box or carton is sealed, nobody’s opening that for at least ten days or more.”

Anyone looking for more information about the Shoe Box Appeal can find more in the following link: https://blythswood.org/shoeboxappeal/

More information about collection times across the whole of Scotland is available here: https://blythswood.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Collection-Schedule-Scotland.pdf

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