Country in the Country with Clive Bridges (11/11/2022)

Clive Bridges introduces more of your Country favourites.

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Cajun Special – R J Cajun

Let’s Say Goodbye – Jerry Lee Lewis

Being Poor – Norma Jean

The Distance Between – Dwight Yoakam

Get A Little Goner – Marti Brom

Bar Room Shuffle – Tony Clarke

Leavin’ Nashville – Donna Lantz

Baby There’s A Chance – Jeff Chance

Walking Papers – Shar Stevens

One Phone Call – LLoyd Black

Looking On The Bright Side – Mary Resek

Bound For Glory – Neil Young

Dim Lights – Gram Parsons

Face Tomorrow – Tracy K

Just Between You – Charley Pride

Standing Tall – Kate Bain

Swinging Doors – Buck Owens

Two Stepping Out – Bonita Mercer

My Shoes Go Walking – Buck Owens

A Little Bluer – Maureen McGillivary

Truck Stop Girl – J R Williams

I’m Done With Leavin’ – Miss Leslie

Howling At The Moon – Steve Roberson

Moving Along – Kate Linke

The Tears Will Flow – Col Millington

Too Country – Wanita

Honky Tonks Are Calling – Andy Martin

Broken Engagement – Sandie Dodd

14 Minutes Old – Ian Bridge

In My Arms – Peter Small

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