Eddie’s Archive with Eddie Rose (01/01/2023)

Sit back and enjoy a New Year’s Day of great music, and a bit of fun and laughter. Introduced by Eddie Rose.

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Scotland’s Son Of Fun

Eddie Rose – Take Me Back

Ian Powrie Band- Gaelic Reel Medley

Trudi Lalor – Blossom Time In Ireland

Brandon McPhee – Jig Of Slurs

Eddie Rose – The Bonnie Border Burn

Colin Campbell – Balinaheuchter Air Traffic Control

Graeme Mitchell Band – Mitchell Marches

Peter McColoskey – You’re The Perfect Picture

Andrew Knight Band – Britannia Two Step

Calum Kennedy – My Ain Hoose

Andrew Knight Band – Pipe Medley

Trudi Lalor – Killarney In My Dreams

Jim McLeod Band – Maple Syrup

Peter Mallan – Eriskay Love Lilt

Wilcil McDowell – Hornpipes

Andy Stewart – Ladies Choice

Aishling Rafferty – Love Me When I’m Old

Andrew Knight Band – Grandma Knight/Mississippi Dip

Peter McColoskey – The Blue Rose

George Rennie Band – The Pensioners Reel

Comedy Corner – Brendan Grace ( Granny’s Doctor)

MacKenzies Pipes & Strings – Boston Two Step

Janey Kirk – Scotland Forever

Alister Downie Band – Retreat Marches

Crawford Bell – When Magee Draws A Full Week’s Pay

Kirkjuvagr – Peter Pratt’s Polka

Eddie Rose – The Railway Porter Song

Gordon Pattullo Band – Strip The Willow

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