Eddie’s Archive with Eddie Rose (10/07/2022)

Eddie Rose introduces reels, pipes, marches and a snippet of Scottish comedy.

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Scotland’s Son Of Fun

Eddie Rose – I’ve Never Kissed A Bonnie Lass Before

Steven Carcary Band – Caddam Woods Reel

Ann Williamson – Falling Rain Medley

Gavin Piper – Jimmy Burgess Two Step

Andy Stewart – A Lassie In The Clachan

Colin Campbell – Mrs Mac’s B&B

Robert Whitehead Band – Britannia Two Step

Eammon McCann – Almost Persuaded

Fergie MacDonald Band – Kinlochbervie Grand March

Calum Kennedy – Lily McNally McNair

Calum Kennedy – The Fionnphort Ferry

Jimmy Blues Band – The Baldovan Reel

Billy McFarland – Rock Of Ages

Jim Reid – Free Wheeling Now

David Vernon – Scottish Medley

Eammon McCann – Richest Man On Earth

Marion Anderson’s Band – Pulling Bracken

Alec Findley & Royal Clansmen – The Bracken And The Heather

Comedy Corner – Conal Gallen ( Irish comedy)

McKenzies Pipes & Banjo – Brocham Lom

Moira Kerr – The Cottage On The Hill

Niall Kirkpatrick Band – 6/8 Marches

Peter Mallan – Sweet Afton

Graham Townsend – High Level Hornpipes Medley

Hugo Duncan – A Man Who Had Nothing

Garioch Blend – Robbie Milne’s Two Step

Robert Wilson – The Gathering Of The Clans

Jim McLeod’s Band – Waltz To The Pipes

Geordie Hepburn – It’s Lonely In The Bothy

Susie Simpson Band – Cracking Reels 

Moira Kerr – Scotland Again

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