Eddie’s Archive with Eddie Rose (13/11/2022)

Eddie Rose pays tribute to Armistice Day with familiar tunes from long ago.

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Scotland’s Son Of Fun

Eddie Rose – The Gallant Forty Twa’

Allan McIntosh Band – Retreat Marches

Vera Lynn – White Cliffs Of Dover

Alex McIntyre – Out At The Meadowbank Inn

Eddie Rose – Dark Neuve Chapelle with Monologue

Jim McLeod’s Band – Highland Patrol

Andy Stewart The Barren Rocks Of Aden

Band Of Irish Guards – The Dambusters March

Sandy Shearer – The Thistle And The Poppy

Jim Lindsay Band – Reel Of The 51st Division

Vera Lynn – Be Like The Kettle And Sing

Jack Sinclair’s Band – Pipe March Medley

Eddie Rose – Lonely Scapa Flow

Brandon McPhee – Whistling Rufus

Alec Finlay And The Royal Clansmen – Hi Jock

Daniel O’Donnell – Christmas 1915

John Woodhouse – Colonel Bogey

Andy Stewart – The Battle’s O’er

Billy McFarland – Santa Lucia

Tony Leyton – Hang Out The Washing Medley

Comedy Corner – Eddie Rose (The Old Sailor Act)

Pipes And Strings Of Scotland – The Green Beret

Paula McCaskill – The Shores Of Cromarty

Glenn Miller Orchestra – In The Mood

John McDermott – The Green Fields Of France

Harry Secombe – Abide With Me

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