Eddie’s Archives with Eddie Rose (07/03/21)

Listen to Eddie’s toe-tapping tunes! This week including Brandon McPhee, Andy Stewart, The Blair Douglas Band and also the man himself, Eddie Rose!

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1 Eddie Rose – The Road To Aberdeen
2 Graham Geddes Band – Dashing White Sergent
3 Ann Williamson – A Bottle of Wine
4 Brandon McPhee – Auchtermuchty Gala March
5 Eddie – Here’s Tae The Gordons
6 Wind Up Tremendous Blow
7 Brandon McPhee – Wild Colony Boy
8 Slim Whitman – China Doll
9 Peter Stewart – Barn dance
10 Sydney Devine – When The Saints Go Marching On
11 Andy Stewart – Oh What a Ceildh
12 Robert Whitehead Band – Shiftin’ Bobbins
13 Ann Williamson – Medals For Mothers
14 Elgin Strathspey And Reel Horn Pipes Selection
15 Frank Macaffery – Its our Anniversary
16 Brandon McPhee – Boys of Blue Hill
17 Denis Clancy – The Lights Of Lochindaal
18 Slim Whitman – Carolina Moon
19 Rigadoon Retreat Marches
20 Comedy Corner – Noel V Ginnity
21 Jim McLeod – Hydro Piper Highland Cradle Song
22 Margaret Bates – Home Is Where The Heart Is
23 Billy MacFarland – Silenzio
24 Sydney Divine – Hello Sunshine
25 Blair Douglas Band – Storming The Ceildh
26 Brandon McPhee – Maggie In The woods
27 Larry Marshall – Wee Harry
28 Marion Anderson Band – Pinewood Two step

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