Quick Hot Pot (08/04/22)

Last week we explored the 1969 Forestry Commission Jubilee Cookbook. Recipes included marshmallows soaked in sherry and a treacle/laudanum combo that would blow your socks off! My mother in law and my daughter made the date slice recipe shared last week. Do you have a copy of the book? There were several print runs, it was very popular at the time. This week’s recipe is a budget busting hot pot from the same book.


  • 1/2lb skinless sausages or cooked meat leftovers
  • 1 tin baked beans (I used curried beans)
  • 1lb of cooked potatoes
  • 1oz sliced onion
  • 1 heaped teaspoon curry powder OR 1 dessertspoon chutney (I omitted this as I used curried beans and, imo, yuck to the chutney!)


  1. Cut sausages into pieces. Fry the sausages with the onion.
  2. Add the potatoes, beans and curry powder OR chutney (if using).
  3. Heat thoroughly, stirring occasionally.
  4. Serve with toast if desired. A variation could be one tin of tomatoes and one tin of haricot beans and a stock cube for flavour.
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