Vinyl Frontier with Ian Moyes – 27th of September

On the Vinyl Frontier this week on Heartland FM, we’ve 3 tracks from IT’s 2017 album ‘We’re All In This Together’ and we’ve some new music from Jim Kirkpatrick. There’s vintage tunes from Amen Corner & Keith West, some fine prog from Martin Orford, melodic rock from Second Reign and a 17 minute Long Un from Porcupine Tree. Plus there’s fine tunes from Mr. Bloe, John Wetton, The Weathermen, Blue Mink, Joe Bonamassa, The Piranhas, Sky and Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express.

  • Mr. Bloe – Groovin’ With Mr. Bloe
  • John Wetton – Battle Lines
  • Jim Kirkpatrick – Ain’t Going Down Alone
  • Second Reign – Another Night
  • IT – The Working Man
  • The Amen Corner – (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice
  • Keith West – Excerpt From A Teenage Opera
  • Martin Orford – Tatras
  • IT – The Path Of Least Resistance
  • The Weathermen – It’s The Same Old Song
  • Blue Mink – The Banner Man
  • Joe Bonamassa – This Train (Live)
  • IT – Revolution
  • The Piranhas – Tom Hark
  • Sky – Hotta
  • The Dark Element – The Ghost and the Reaper
  • Porcupine Tree – Anesthetize
  • Brian Augers Oblivion Express – Bumpin on Sunset
IT - We're All In This Together

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