Vinyl Frontier with Ian Moyes (16/01/2022)

On the Vinyl Frontier this week on Heartland FM (16 & 19 Jan) we’ve 3 tracks from Pink Floyd’s 14th album, The Division Bell and we’ve a couple rock classics from Golden Earring & The Scorpions. There’s vintage tunes from Elvis Presley & Cliff Richard, prog from IQ and a stunning Long Un from US band Cryptic Vision. Plus there’s fine tunes from Hotlegs, Mountain, Lieutenant Pigeon, Little Jimmy Osmond, Aphrodite’s Child, Joe Dolce, Roxy Music and Geoffrey Downes.

Chill out and listen to the newest edition of Vinyl Frontier with Ian Moyes, on Heartland FM.

Hotlegs – Neanderthal Man
Mountain – Nantucket Sleighride
Golden Earring – Radar Love
Scorpions – Wind of Change
Pink Floyd – A Great Day For Freedom
Elvis Presley – It’s Now Or Never
Cliff Richard – I Love You
IQ – The Seventh House
Pink Floyd – Keep Talking
Lieutenant Pigeon – Mouldy Old Dough
Little Jimmy Osmond – Long Haired Lover From Liverpool
Aphrodite’s Child – Aegean Sea
Pink Floyd – Marooned
Joe Dolce – Shaddap You Face
Roxy Music – Jealous Guy
Cryptic Vision – Of Infinite Possibilities
Geoffrey Downes – Symphonie Electronique

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