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Facebook users may know already of the online group “Jumelage Confolens/Pitlochry”. This celebrates Pitlochry’s partnership with Confolens in France. We have been twin towns for twenty years, and later this year two dozen from Confolens will visit Pitlochry to celebrate the anniversary.

We are looking for Pitlochry folk, both to help host our visitors, and to join a trip there in 2021. We need people with spare rooms willing to host one or two of our visitors (who in turn offer wonderful hospitality when we visit them. The local Pineau is highly recommended!)

We are also looking for a new generation of committee members. In leaving the EU, maintaining our existing international links is vital for continued tourism, trade and cultural exchanges. Confolens has a huge annual festival of music and dance, and is close to Cognac, Poitiers, and Limoges.

If you’d like to find out more, please come to an open meeting in The Tryst at 7pm on Monday 9th March. For more information contact Tom McEwan at


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