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9th March 2020 - ATHOLL CENTRE

PRESENT: Jim Laurenson (Chair) 473788, Andrew Holmes (Secretary) 473400, David Roy (Vice Chair), Isobel Millar (Treasurer), William MacNicoll, Susan Campbell, Jane King (Minute Secretary); PKC Councillors McDade and Williamson; Andy Charlton (Chair, Parent/Teacher Council, Pitlochry High School); Kate Howie (Chair, Pitlochry in Bloom); Bruce Patterson (Chair, PUGS) and 6 members of the public.

APOLOGIES: Police Scotland, Clllr Duff

POLICE REPORT: Since there has been no police presence at PMCC for some time, Andy will write requesting a community surgery, say, every six months.

MINUTE OF MEETING February 10th 2020: Approved as a correct record. No matters arising. It was noted that information under ‘Town Centre Development’ was now out of date in the light of recent events.

PITLOCHRY HIGH SCHOOL UPDATE: Of the two sub-groups set up to discuss the future of PHS, one for education, the other for property, only the former is driving things forward. Pupils at PHS will now be able to study Highers and Advanced Highers in some subjects. Andy expressed his frustration at the lack of clarity from the team responsible for buildings. He called on the PKC Councillors to put pressure on this sub-group and request feedback. The £2.8m spent on the property to date was not an investment for the long term and PHS pupils are being disadvantaged by the lack of facilities. The Chair of the Lifelong Learning Committee should be contacted.

TOWN CENTRE DEVELOPMENT: An extension to the time limit for spending the Town Centre Regeneration Fund has been given. Information gathered from the drop-in session in the Atholl Centre on 9th February has been collated and shows no clear preferences. PMCC feel that the money should be spent on the Town Centre. A meeting has been arranged with John McCrone of PKC on Friday 13th March to determine the way forward. Feedback from this meeting will be given at a MEETING IN THE TOWN HALL ON TUESDAY 24TH March AT 7.30PM, and a public consultation held thereafter. Contracts have to be signed by end March 2021 and the whole project completed by September 2021.

TOWN HALL: On 24thFebruary 2020 the constitution was adopted and the Pitlochry Town Hall Group formed. Live Active Leisure and PKC will work alongside this group to promote further interest in and use of the Town Hall and the maintenance of the building. The Indoor Market on 15th February was very successful and THE NEXT INDOOR MARKET WILL BE HELD ON SATURDAY 21ST MARCH 10AM-3PM. 25 traders have already booked and ‘The Den’ will be serving teas and coffees. A PLEA IS MADE TO THE COMMUNITY TO SUPPORT THE TOWN HALL.

PUGS REPORT: Of the £50k required to upgrade the Pavilion, £25k will be provided by PKC. A complete refit of downstairs is planned, including external painting and lighting and the provision of a door for public access to toilets. PUGS will be allowed to take over the lease which will open other doors for funding. This will be a community facility. A FOOTBALL FESTIVAL IS PLANNED FOR 13TH JUNE AND A GALA DAY (FUN IN THE PARK) FOR 4TH JULY . These should attract large numbers of visitors. Sincere thanks were extended to Bruce and to PUGS for all their hard work.

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: A letter had been received from COSLA regarding possible twinning with towns in Europe. This will be passed to the Confolens committee.

PMCC insurance has been renewed for another year.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: The Etape Project Manager plans to visit on 19th/20th March to meet interested groups. Etape will include a community page in their publicity material. 4,000 cyclists have already signed up for 2021.

There has been a communication from PKC offering training for volunteers involved in Community Empowerment. Interest expressed. TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer’s account £1,142:97; Pitlochry tartan account £3,194:13.

ENVIRONMENT REPORT: A bench has still to be removed from Bridge Road and the west end speed sign is not working.

PLANNING REPORT: Nothing to report. Plans for the Premier Inn have not yet been submitted. This may be related to flood prevention plans.

LOCAL COUNCILLOR’S REPORT: Following the Council budget, there will be an increase of 4.9% in Council tax and an increase of 5p in school meals. Frozen schools meals to be re-introduced. There was an increase of money to Library Services and no winter maintenance cuts. There will be a general reduction of services.


ISSUES RAISED BY PUBLIC: The pop-up police are not in place yet as a risk assessment is still being made.

The Faskally Forest Park Run on 7th March was a great success with 128 competitors. There was a lot of positive feed-back and business was brought to the town. THE PARKRUN IS A 5k RUN, EVERY SATURDAY at 0930HRS, FASKALLY FOREST. Free to join but please register. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED. TO ENSURE THE CONTINUATION OF THIS EVENT. Contact Sincere thanks to the organising team for setting up this event.

Support was requested to ease the congestion caused by careless and illegal parking in Newholme Avenue. A single yellow line with daytime restrictions may be the answer. PMCC agreed to support any residents request.

NEXT MEETINGS: Next meetings Monday 13th April, 11th May and 8th June at 7.30pm in the Atholl Centre.


MEETING on Monday 9thMarch 2020

In The Atholl Centre At 7.30 p.m.


1. Welcome

2. Apologies: -

3. Declarations of interest

4. Police report (If present)

5. Minutes of meeting February 10th for approval

6. Matters arising from the minutes

7. High School update

8. Town Centre improvements – Way forward.

9. Town Hall works

10. . PUGS update

11. Chairman’s report

12. Secretary’s report

13. Treasurer’s report

14. Environment report

15. Planning report

16. Local Councillors’ reports

17. Issues raised by members of the public

18. AOCB

19. Date of next meeting 13th April. Atholl Centre


10thFebruary 2020 - ATHOLL CENTRE

PRESENT: David Roy (Vice Chair), Isobel Millar (Treasurer), Susan Campbell, Jane King (Minute Secretary); P&KC Councillors Duff and McDade and 5 members of the public.

The meeting was not quorate.

APOLOGIES: Jim Laurenson (Chair), Andrew Holmes (Secretary), William MacNicoll, Police Scotland, Cllr Williamson and Andy Charlton

TOWN CENTRE DEVELOPMENT: Cllr Duff reported that around 100 had attended the Town Centre Improvement drop-in in the Atholl Centre on Sunday 9th February. Information gathered had been sent to the Business Development Team and a report will be ready within a few days. PKC have committed to holding a community consultation in autumn 2020 to establish the priorities of the community and to make plans based on the feedback.

MINUTE OF MEETING January 13th 2020: Approved as a correct record. No matters arising.

PITLOCHRY HIGH SCHOOL UPDATE: PKC are committed to developing a new model of education across Highland Perthshire. A central hub is to be established by August 2020 in Pitlochry High School from which Perth College UHI can operate. This will allow pupils opportunity to study beyond S4. The school building is to be improved and its usage increased to include the wider community. 18 months ago the school was facing closure. Sincere thanks were expressed to all who have worked so hard to save it.

TOWN HALL: INDOOR MARKETS WILL BE HELD IN THE TOWN HALL ON SATURDAYS 15TH FEBRUARY AND 21ST MARCH. Local people and organisations are encouraged to support these and to make as much use as possible of this community space

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer’s account £1,222:97; Pitlochry tartan account £3,194:13. The question was asked about the history of the Tartan Account. The money is to be used for the promotion and use of the Pitlochry Tartan.

ENVIRONMENT REPORT: A complaint has been made about overhanging bushes at Dysart Cemetery. Jim has contacted Paul Summers but has not yet had a response.

Some of the benches in the town are in need of attention, notably one on Bridge Road. Volunteers from the Path Group may be able to help, failing that the unpaid workforce or members of the Men’s Shed in Aberfeldy. Memorial benches can only be replaced by other donated benches. PLEASE LET Cllr McDADE KNOW OF ANY BENCHES IN THE TOWN IN NEED OF REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT on

PLANNING REPORT: Plans for the new Premier Inn to be submitted by end February. Comments have been received about the Old Baker’s Oven, Bank House, Station House and the embankment and the poor impression they give to visitors to the town.

LOCAL COUNCILLOR’S REPORT: Cllr McDade reported that the Scottish Government Budget is now out and that it is not looking good. There will be more cuts.

Dr David Strang’s report on the mental health services in Tayside gave 51 recommendations which NHS Tayside have committed to implementing in full. NHS Tayside has been under ‘special measures’ for a long time and has been buying in support from other areas. There will be a meeting on Wednesday 12th February to consider the report.

ISSUES RAISED BY PUBLIC: This is the 20th Anniversary of our twinning with Confolens. The residents of Confolens send people here every couple of years but we don’t reciprocate. Last year just one couple went from Pitlochry. PMCC feel that it is important to retain international relationships and is good for tourism and trade. The original committee are now less able to travel and are looking for new members. ANYONE INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT TOM McEWAN ON 0773 990 6431 or The twinning could be used for the promotion of Pitlochry tartan and links could be developed with the school, the theatre, the street party etc.

IMG have been replaced by Limelight Sports as managers of Etape. The new Events Director contacted the chair of PMCC to arrange a meeting the following day and left the next day. The manager of Heartland Radio will contact the PMCC chair and try to facilitate an interview. Money is due to the community as part of a previous agreement with Etape.

AOCB: Jim and Dave are investigating sites for the pop-up policemen to optimise speed reduction in the town.

NEXT MEETING: Next meeting Monday 9th March in the Atholl Centre.


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