Spaces for People Fund Proposed Changes

An initial bid for Spaces for People funding was successful and the measures included in this application will complement the previously approved measures.

The proposed additional measures in this report are to provide 33 temporary 20mph speed limits in the core of towns (10) and villages (23) throughout the Perth and Kinross area. The measures will help to protect public health by enabling safe physical distancing for essential journeys and exercise for everyone, in particular where there are space constraints or user safety concerns.

The measures in this report will improve road safety helps reduce unnecessary contact between vulnerable road users including cyclists, and pedestrians, and restrict the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The following temporary physical measures are recommended:

Reduced speed limits (20mph) in 10 town and 23 village centres


The largest concentration of pedestrian activity is in town and village centres. When the lockdown restrictions are eased, and commercial activity resumes, it is anticipated that pedestrian numbers will increase. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease, control of pedestrian movements will be required. The aim is to provide where possible COVID-Safe main streets and shopping areas.

Site Assessment in Towns and Villages

The streets in the various towns and villages were assessed by the Traffic & Network Team, in consultation with Police Scotland, the sustainable transport charity Sustrans, and other Council’s Services including the Public Transport Unit.


Consultation is taking place with Elected Members, Community Councils, and support agencies. No consultation has taken place yet with local residents as the proposals are still being formulated, but community support will be essential to ensure compliance.

Some of the restrictions are intended to be short-term (up to three months).

The proposed measures require a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) so that the restrictions can be enforced. Police Scotland will be invited to comment further on the proposals before implementation by Perth & Kinross Council.

The public were encouraged to suggest locations where there could be conflict and a number of the locations raised by the public have been included in the proposed measures.

A number of the issues and concerns raised by Elected Members, Community Councils and other groups over many years have been included in the proposed interventions.

Some of the measures proposed will have an impact on bus routes and bus stops. The Councils Public Transport Unit have been consulted and have contributed to the planning of the project.

Tactran have been consulted and they will co-ordinate the monitoring of some of the 20mph speed limits. These results will assist in assessing some of the measures implemented in this report.

Transport Scotland and Bear Scotland have been consulted regarding the measures proposed on the A85 trunk road in Crieff and Comrie and are supportive of the measures.

Proposed Measures

The proposed interventions listed below are intended to make the journey within some of the towns and villages in the Perth and Kinross area safer and more enjoyable for vulnerable road users during the Covid 19 crisis and beyond.

The proposed 20mph speed limits will complement some of the measures provided as part of the Spaces for People Phase 1’s interventions which are actively being installed. The measures will deal with locations where conflict points were identified. Some signing measures will be provided at the identified locations to encourage pedestrians to use footpaths and to show courtesy to other road users. The introduction of 20mph speed limits will make it easier for the more vulnerable road user to negotiate the narrow footpaths and streets whilst vehicle speeds are reduced.

There will be a large concentration of pedestrians in the town and village centres and it is imperative that safer measures are provided to cater for physical distancing. It is believed that the proposed measures will deliver safer, appealing, direct links for vulnerable road users to the places that the public will want to access in the coming weeks and months. The project will also provide an opportunity to deliver material transportation changes that could shape future permanent measures.

The temporary measures can be quickly installed and if necessary altered and ultimately removed if necessary with relative ease. The measures can also be made permanent should they prove successful and the community wish them to be retained.

Ongoing monitoring and consultation will be carried out with all the relevant parties to ensure that the measures installed are safe, appropriate, fit for purpose and working as they are intended.

The listed towns have been identified as being the areas where we will have large concentrations of pedestrian movements due to the mix of retail, residential and recreational activity.

The listed villages have been identified as being the areas where there are no footways and where pedestrians have to share the carriageway with vehicular traffic.

Other locations can be considered if requested by local communities.

Intervention 1

The plans below show the extent of the proposed temporary 20mph speed limits in the core of the various towns (10) and villages (23). These core areas are where there is potential conflict and where problems with maintaining physical distancing for pedestrians may occur. This measure will complement the earlier surveys that identified conflict points and where various signing measures will be provided.

20mph Speed Limits will be provided in the following towns and villages:

Towns (10)

Auchterarder (Ward 7), Alyth (Ward 2), Blairgowrie (Ward 3), Bridge of Earn (Ward 9), Comrie (Ward 6), Coupar Angus (Ward 2), Crieff (Ward 6), Milnathort (Ward 8), Pitlochry (Ward 4), Scone (Ward 2).

Villages with no footways (23)

Abernyte (Ward 1), Ardoch (Ward 5), Ballintuim (Ward 3), Bridge of Cally (Ward 3), Butterstone (Ward 5), Campmuir (Ward 2), Collace (Ward 2), Forneth (Ward 5), Forteviot (Ward 9), Grandtully (Ward 4), Grange (Ward 1), Kinnaird (Ward 1), Kinloch (Ward 3), Kinrossie (Ward 2), Kirkmichael (Ward 3), Maryburgh (Ward 8), Meikleour (Ward 5), Pitcairngreen (Ward 5), Rait (Ward 1), Spittalfield (Ward 5), Strathtay (Ward 4), Tummelbridge (Ward 4), Wolfhill (Ward 2),


  • Additional pedestrian movements and narrow footpaths in town and village centres.

  • Additional vehicles using town and village centres as a route to reach shop, commercial premises and recreational areas due to coronavirus concerns.

  • Road safety concerns for cyclists and pedestrians from potential speeding vehicles.

  • Pedestrians not maintaining physical distance due to narrow footpaths.

  • Regular conflict points due to increased pedestrian movements in town and village centres.

  • Public safety concerns for vulnerable road users in busy main streets and town and village centre areas.


  • Speed reduced to 20 mph to reduce safety risks for pedestrians and cyclists, and to discourage unnecessary through traffic.

  • Encourage pedestrians and cyclists to access businesses, shops, recreational facilities in town and village centres.


  • Potential delays to vehicular traffic.

  • Consult with Public Transport Unit.

For your information the installation of the temporary signing works in Pitlochry will hopefully begin later this week, weather permitting. The dedicated squad delivering the measures are working their way around the various burghs. I hope that you can appreciate that every burgh and area is feeling that they are the priority and we are aiming to deliver the agreed measures in all the burghs as expeditiously as we possibly can. The 20mph speed limit works are still a week or two away but we are looking to deliver in the region of 40 temporary 20mph speed limits throughout the Perth and Kinross area as quickly as we possibly can and as the contractor availability allows.

In addition, a temporary “Clearway” order is also in the process of being promoted that will allow enforcement to be carried out for vehicles parking on the Foss Road near Loch Tummel where anti-social issues have been occurring. It is hoped that we can have this complete and signs in place by this weekend, or at worst early next week.


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