Rock ‘n’ Roll Recipes with Marina Campbell

Rock ‘n’ Roll Recipes with Marina Campbell

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About the Show

The radio has been a constant part of my life, from my earliest memories of breakfast radio making mornings more bearable to sneakily listening to Radio Luxembourg at night, it’s always been there. I still have it on in the background all day. I love listening to music and as a teen, used to walk to the phone box in the village to listen to the latest music on Dial a Disc! Now I’ve moved on to going to live music as often as I can.

When lockdown started, I answered a shoutout for anyone interested in helping create an internet station playing just country music. I volunteered and thanks to the simple technology in my phone, could create a program from home. When I found out Heartland FM were looking for new presenters and thought, why not give it a go? The Rock’n’Roll Recipes slot was available. There were probably lots of reasons to NOT give it a go, the main one is my reluctance to cook and that being the main premise behind the show!! My family and friends genuinely think it’s hilarious that I’m talking recipes. I’m also absolutely useless with technology so it was a real learning curve for a middle-aged, menopausal woman (brain fog is …well if I could remember the word I’m looking for, I’d tell you)! 

So every Friday afternoon, I chat about food-related topics as well as a bit of what’s been happening at home. There’s a quiz, a recipe that I try to make before each show and a spot the fake food fact question as well.

I hope you enjoy the show and would love to hear from you if you’re listening or if you’ve tried a recipe from the show!

– Marina Campbell

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