Sunday Morning for Hillbillies with Colin Phillips

Sunday Morning for Hillbillies with Colin Phillips

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Timezone: GMT [UTC]
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

About the Show

I have been involved with Heartland FM for over thirty years, and it combines my love of music and gives an opportunity to put something back into the community.

My interest has always been music, and there is a rich seam to mine because I like almost anything that has been in the charts, going back to Day One in the early 1950s. I look at the Heartland content, see what isn’t there, and make a programme about it. I enjoy the preparation, the build up, and the actual live broadcast in the studio, and never lose that buzz.

Sunday Mornings for Hillbillies is based on the history of recorded music in America, from the early 1920s through to the Rock and Roll explosion of the 1950s. The period fascinates me, and I hope it fascinates you.

I can never understand why our Health Service doesn’t put radio presenting alongside word puzzles and crosswords as a way of exercising the brain. It certainly challenges mine! Keep listening!

– Colin Philips



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