Vinyl Frontier with Ian Moyes

Vinyl Frontier with Ian Moyes

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Attention all Vinyl Junkies! If your idea of a perfect Saturday when you were younger was popping down to your local record shop and thumbing through all those wonderful albums trying to decide what LP to buy with your hard earned 32/6d… then congratulations! You’ve found the perfect radio programme.

Join me, Ian Moyes, every Sunday evening at 7pm on Heartland FM, as I dip into my extensive collection – from 50 years of buying records – to bring you rock, pop, prog, new releases, remastered gems and the odd album side.

You may not like everything you hear, but I guarantee you’ll always find something interesting! It’s also your chance to listen to some tunes that otherwise might have passed you by. So join me on Vinyl Frontier every Sunday at 7pm. And if you miss it, there’s another chance to hear the programme on Wednesdays at 7pm. I look forward to your company!

– Ian Moyes

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