Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council Minutes of September 2020 and AGM May 2019


Jim Laurenson (Chair), Andrew Holmes (Secretary), David Roy (Vice Chair), Isobel Millar (Treasurer), Bruce Patterson (HPCP), PKC Cllr McDade, Alistair Smith (Heartland), Kate Howie (PiB), Jane King (Minute Secretary) present. Apologies from Susan Campbell and PKC Cllrs Williamson and Duff.

The minute of the meeting of 14th July was approved.

Bruce Patterson was formally welcomed to membership of PMCC.

Andy to look at purchase of Zoom (or equivalent) package.

The Chair complimented all the volunteers who have worked so hard in the community over many months and who continue to do so.

A-boards continue to constitute a hazard in some places in the town and should  be limited to one per business, strictly positioned according to the regulations. A-boards also interfere with the working of the pavement tractors in the winter.

The Secretary has posted Covid distancing notices on the suspension and aluminium bridges and on the Ben-Y-Vrackie path.

The Balance in the Treasurer’s account is £810:97.

The Environment Convener reported a broken bench at the CO-OP, a broken hand rail at the Delta Park 

A pre-planning notice has been made by A&J Steven’s for 54-85 houses on the plot of land above the cemetery. This is zoned for housing in the development plan. Access would be off the Dunfallandy Road.

The owners of Adderley House have submitted plans to convert the house to a B&B with three letting bedrooms and two self-catering units at the back. Work will start as soon as planning permission and building permits have been received.

A house at Balyoukan has submitted plans for 2 self-catering units.

Permission for 2 self-catering units at a property in Cuilc Brae has been rejected.

Post-lockdown distancing measures are not all being observed. People are removing cones on Atholl Road and parking cars. Barriers are to be obtained if possible.

20mph speed limits will be put in place later this year as part of a programme for small towns when P&KC have the capacity to deal with it.

A questionnaire ‘Building Back and even better Perth and Kinross’ has to be submitted by 20th September. Andy to circulate draft response. 

Rural Perth and Kinross community Action Planning Partnership are prepared to set up a zoom meeting of examples of good practice elsewhere. A Community Company here might refurbish Station House to let out. Andy to submit and expression of interest.

Kate Howie lamented the fact that there were no Highland Games this year which always provided a large part of the funding for Pitlochry in Bloom (PiB). Everything closed down in March just as plants should have gone in to hanging baskets and PiB beds, so it was decided to concentrate on the memorial garden and the station. The willow ‘children’ in front of the Library have been taken away for refurbishment. A metal arch is to be built in the Memorial Garden to mark the beginning/end of the Rob Roy Way. The local contractor ready to start work on the wildlife garden just as lockdown started, hopes to begin work in October. The Armoury Park is to be restored, with a permanent home for the painted stones produced during lockdown. ANYONE INTERESTED IN HELPING TO RESTORE THE EXPLORER’S GARDEN, PLEASE CONTACT KATE HOWIE by email on katehowie@yahoo.co.uk.

Cllr McDade reported that return to school had gone well with no major issues after one month. He also expressed concern that P&KC had the biggest post-Covid deficit in Scotland

The PMCC meeting should be a public meeting. Heartland to publicise it and hope to go fully public via Zoom. 

Minutes to be published on the Heartland website.


NEWS to news@heartland.scot – contact Alistair on alistair@heartland.scot

A new part time journalist, Ramsey Beattie, to be employed by Heartland to collate local news.

Good wishes are sent to Cllr Williamson wishing him a speedy recovery.

Next meeting – AGM – Monday 9th November – 7.30pm by zoom

Minute of the Annual General Meeting of Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council 

at 7.30pm on 13th May 2019 in Pitlochry High School

Jim welcomed everyone to the meeting.

PRESENT:, James Laurenson (Chair) 473788, Andrew Holmes (Secretary) 473400, Isobel Millar (Treasurer), Dave Roy (Environment Convenor),William MacNicoll, Susan Campbell, Jane King (Minute Secretary), Cllrs John Duff and Xander McDade and 4 members of the public

APOLOGIES: Cllr Mike Williamson 

MINUTE OF AGM 2018: Approved and no matters arising.

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT:  Jim thanked his fellow Community Council members for their work in 2018/19, also the local Councillors, Xander McDade, Mike Williamson (in his absence) and John Duff, 2016/17 had been an ‘up-and-down’ year with no major planning and no major conflicts. 

TREASURERS REPORT AND ACCOUNTS: Tartan Account balance £3044.13, Current Account £1,150.00. 

ELECTION OF OFFICE BEARERS: The following were elected:

Chair: Jim Laurenson

Vice Chair: David Roy

Secretary: Andrew Holmes 

Treasurer: Isobel Millar

Environment Convener: David Roy

Andrew and the CC members were thanked for all their hard work over the course of the year.

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