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Police in Highland Perthshire Warn Against Bike Theft

After a number of bike thefts in Highland Perthshire, police in the area are advising locals take every necessary precaution and have taken steps to help with future investigations.

Several bikes have been stolen in the area so as a result police have been offering free bike registration in Perth.

A bike registration is similar to a car registration plate in that they’re both on a national database and authorities can keep track of the ownership of these modes of transport.

Chief inspector Graham Binnie said: “This was very successful with a total of 76 bikes marked and placed on the National Bike Register.”

They come in various forms, the most basic one is a sticker with a QR code that identifies the bike with it’s registration.

Another uses a tough dye which ‘chemically etches the coating of your bike frame’ forming a resilient mark deterring would be thieves.

The most rigorous is made of a special dye made from blue dots which can only be picked up by UV lights making them otherwise invisible, that they’re less likely to be covered by thieves masking the bike’s identity.

The police also suggest taking a picture with your bike and keep records of it’s distinguishing features to help if it’s been found.

Although these are not preventative measures, the police advise that, while this is a precaution that should be taken, steps should be taken to ensure bikes are locked safely.

People who keep their bikes in a stairwell or common area should try keep their bike out of sight first and try lock it with two locks against a banister or anchor on the floor.

They also suggest using the same locking procedure in sheds too and by using two different locks thieves need to use more tools in an attempt to steal bikes improving your changes of loosing a bike.

When bikes need to locked up outside or in public they should be kept in a well lit and visible place, ideally with CCTV in view.

By varying up your routine you can make it harder for thieves to premeditate a theft.

Anyone looking to add their bike to the registrar can do so on the following link: https://www.bikeregister.com/

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