‘Stay Local’ Advice Rule Starts

Perth & Kinross residents are being urged to stick with Coronavirus guidelines over the Easter weekend.

From Good Friday (2 April) the Scottish Government is asking people to Stay Local, which means they can travel within their local authority area for non-essential purposes.

Members of the public are being asked to avoid busy places and maintain physical distancing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Guidance on meeting outdoors has not changed. Large gatherings from several households outdoors are still not allowed, as restrictions on meeting outdoors for socialising, recreation, sport or exercise remain the same.

Scotland remains in Level 4 until 26 April which means camping is also still not allowed.

Activities can start and finish within your local authority area (or up to five miles from its boundary) and can be in groups up to a maximum of four from two households (plus any children under 12). 12-17-year-olds can meet in groups of up to four and are not subject to the two-household limit.

Irresponsible car parking around our beauty spots can also create a hazard for other road users.

If you are going to any of these areas by car, please park responsibly and safely. If that’s not possible then head somewhere quieter or go back another time.

Clearways will be in force on busy roads so if you park there you could be fined – or even have your car towed away.

Perth & Kinross Council Depute Director of Communities Clare Mailer said: “We know people will want to get out and about this Easter weekend but it’s important people continue to follow FACTS and Stay Local.

“Coronavirus is still a real danger and a rise in transmission not only endangers lives, it also means lockdown restrictions might end up being in place longer.

“There’ll be a multi-agency presence this weekend to help ensure people are following guidelines and are enjoying Perth and Kinross’ beauty spots safely and responsibly.”

Anyone who wants to report an issue to the Visitor Management Team can do so by emailing visitormanagementgroup@pkc.gov.uk

Police Scotland Tayside Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Andrew Todd, said: “The coronavirus regulations have had a significant impact on our lives and I would like to thank the vast majority of people who are sticking to the rules and doing the right thing to avoid the spread of the virus as we move through the easing of restrictions.

“People should not travel outwith their local authority area except for essential purposes. While Easter weekend is traditionally a time for visiting friends and family, I would urge people to stay local and follow the regulations on gatherings.

“If you are visiting beauty spots within your local area, do so safely and respectfully – leaving no trace of your visit. Please also park responsibly to allow emergency access.

“Our approach throughout the pandemic has been to engage with the public, explain the legislation and encourage compliance, but we will not hesitate to use our enforcement powers as a last resort.”

Conservative Highland Perthshire Councillor John Duff commented: “I welcome the work undertaken by the Council’s Visitor Management Group in preparation for the predicted influx of visitors as coronavirus restrictions are eased.

“We are always happy to welcome responsible visitors to our beautiful countryside but visitors must ensure they obey the current restrictions around staying local and the regulations on gatherings. There will be additional Council and partner resources out and about checking the situation.”

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