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UK Households say ‘Goodbye’ to Landlines

The presence of a landline phone has decreased rapidly in UK homes in recent years with 35% of people saying the only reason they have a landline at all is to enable an internet connection.

This comes following lockdown which, even though we were stuck at home and missing our friends and family – we were more likely to take to Zoom or Houseparty than call someone up on the phone.

Over the last 20 years, mobile phones have become an essential in our everyday lives due to package incentives like free monthly calls and the storage of contact details – mobile phones seem to be the preferable way of communicating.

Experiencing nuisance phone calls on the landline has also been a contributing factor in unplugging them once and for all.

According to Ofcom, scam calls have increased six-fold since 2017 with 22% of people with landlines saying they avoid answering their phone for fear of it being a nuisance caller.

This is also an issue for older people with 28% having experienced a scam sales call.

Over a third of households have now registered for the Telephone Preference Service to avoid nuisance calls altogether with younger consumers taking the more drastic action to avoid calls by not answering their landline at all.

The use of landlines seems to further divide the generations. In the over 65’s age group, over 95% of people still have a landline at home compared to just 52% of 18- to 24-year-olds.

Similarly, landlines are also integral to those living rurally or in places where mobile phone reception is poor. In rural communities, 83% of people still have a landline compared to 65% of people in built up urban areas.

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